Edda The Dairy Intolerant Cow


Edda was the healthiest of the two calves rescued christmas day. About three weeks after she was born she became unable to walk and was not nursing. Three emergency vet visits and we finally determine she has scours. Scours is lactose intolerance. A dairy cow allergic to milk. This can lead to dehydration and ultimately death. Scours is one of the leading financial losses in dairy and cattle production. Yet another example of how animal agriculture has genetically modified, bred, and over bred such traits that a cow can not consume milk. #vegan #govegan #geneticallymodified #milk #dairy #dairyisscary #vealcalf #veal #freemartin #cuteanimals #babyanimals #cutebabyanimals #rescue #calf #cow #animalliberation #plantbased

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