Rooster Rescue

This is a rooster just rescued from a fighting bust. Notice his beak has been broken off most likely from fighting. Old hack fighters will occasionally crack or cut a roosters beak with a hammer or knife in order to sway the betting odds. Ultimately the crack leads to the roosters beak breaking off in the fight. Typically the friendlier the rooster is to humans the better a fighter he is. The opposite is also true for what is called “man killers in the bloodsport. “Man killers” are vicious towards humans yet docile in the fighting pit. #rooster #rescue #vegan #animalliberation #govegan #whatvegansdo #haveyouhuggedadinosaurtoday #livingdinosaurs #fortheanimals #plantbased #chickens #chicken #veganchicken #sanctuary #ethical #humane #ethicalvegan

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