Walter Bond’s birthday is just a few weeks away. This will be his second to last birthday in prison a he has been given an early release. Walter wishes to be place in a halfway house in New York City. He is currently in need of someone in New York to offer him a reference with address and phone number. He needs this information by October. He will also be in need of clothes and cash as he will leave prison with no belongings.

A lot has changed since he went into prison. The prison system gives no counseling as to how to adapt to the changing world once he is out. Inflation has been one of his greatest surprises. Please visit for updates and to donate. Just $1 can help. It costs him $1 per minute to talk on the phone. Thats one more minute for him to have relief from the prison system.

Walter’s actions maybe controversial even in the liberation community, but he did it for reasons that we are all fighting for.

Goats were Walter’s favorite animals when volunteering at sanctuaries.

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