Number 20215 as capitalists and observe only “activistsvist” would know her, died around 9:30 today. We knew her as Edda. Edda had good days and bad just like any of us do. Edda was literally thrown in the back of our truck by a farmer who only wanted a loss removed from his facility. In my 30 years rescuing animals from farms, vivisectors, and whatever else I came across, I have learned too many things I don’t care to repeat. One of those things is that farm veterinarians are in it for the money. An animal is just a profit or a loss to farm vets, as they are to others exploiting animals. Same goes for puppy mills, vivisectors, and all who exploit animals.

As vegans we once realized that profit and loss were the only thing they controlled these exploiters. Today vegans want options even if it comes from the hands of a vivisector. What happened? When did our revolution decide supporting exploiters in exchange for ice cream and fake cheese become easier and convenient? Revolutions are neither easy nor convenient.

Thanks to @wizardmetal and @ladyxmosh for being the only people to donate towards her surgery. Cost was not a factor in her care. Edda had so many abscesses attached to too many organs that the would no longer have a positive quality of life. #goodbye

#vegan #ethicalvegan #govegan #fortheanimals #sanctuary #capitalism #revolution

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