We live in a world which we are still struggling for human liberation while simultaneously fighting for animal liberation. The recent bill passed in Georgia proves just that. Males, white males specifically are in control of women’s bodies. This simply should not be the case. Civil rights are on the books, but just look in the streets and there is little civil about how many treat people of color. Yet we expect some of these people to respect non human animals. We have a lot of work ahead to better this planet and it should not come down to a political line nor cultural tradition that says we must continue to do things one way or another. The planet provides all we need yet we feel we can’t stay humbled by nature and must force our will to strengthen our egos. Give back, give more, then do it again till you feel you can’t anymore, then you will realize, giving is the only reason we have to exist. This is for those who never knew their mothers. This is for those without their mother. This is for those who can not comprehend our mother. This is for those forced to become mothers.

From the words of @richiebirkenhead “We call earth mother, and we are all motherfuckers.” #happymothersday #govegan #animalliberation #mothersday #fortheanimals #fortheplanet #forall #sanctuary #rescue #adoptdontshop #ethics #ethicalvegan #liberation #humanliberation #womensrights #civilrights #rights #vegan #ethicalvegan

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