Wesley Stands

Flash back to Wesley standing after receiving his leg splints. Wesley was at a dairy where he sat in a pile of other males for several days, waiting for someone to take him or to just die. He never had the chance to stand until this video. He was born with contracted tendons which caused his hooves to not touch the ground properly. Thanks to the great doctors at CSU he was able to walk. Today he runs with the herd here at Dark Mountain and wants you to come visit him and maybe get a chance to bottle feed him and his friends.

Wesley also had pneumonia when we found him. Total costs for Wesley’s emergency visit, splints, medication and week long stay at CSU was less than $300.

All of us working together makes a stronger community for these and so many other lives. #vegan #govegan #animlliberation #vegancommunity #dairycalf #dairyisscary #rescue #liberation #calf #veal #vealcalf #dairy #sanctuary #ethics #ethicalvegan #cuteanimals #babyanimals #cutebabyanimals

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