California Uber Alles


California department of agriculture is killing chickens by the hundreds to thousands over New Castle disease. As far as science currently knows New Castle is not an issue for humans. Still New Castle is a neurological disease that is affecting chickens all over the world. Backyard flocks are being culled by inexperienced members of USDA and CDFA using “humane” methods. Unfortunately buckshot is considered “humane” by the powers that be. Many families are losing their flocks and later learning their flock was not positive for New Castle.

It’s difficult to side and sympathize with the backyard farmer. As human beings we must find commonalities to help instill our cause. Here we can find a chance to promote a diet that is free from disease and death.

A side note to this culling is that they are using helicopters; which animals of prey are deathly afraid of, to search for chickens or other captive birds. Yet cockfighting busts have not increased in the area.

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