Friends don’t control friends. Friends console, support, and uplift. Don’t confuse advise with control.

Check out @xvxdanxvx and his progress training for a marathon on July 4th. Dan is using this marathon to raise funds for Dark Mountain. This year alone we have rescued over 1,000 animals, transported over 30,000 miles, fed over 150 organic, vegan, non allergenic, healthy meals to people in need. On top of all that we care for over 500 animals on a daily basis.

We’re just two people doing the best we can with what we have. With your support those numbers and our outreach can grow.

#vegan #govegan #veganstraightedge #veganstraightedgeover40 #stillhere #support #fortheanimals #babyanimals #cuteanimals #dairy dairyisscary #dairycalf #vealcalf #plantbased #veganrunner #veganathelete #marathon #RIPEdda #friends

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