Friends Feast

The sheep and goats love the produce days. Donations of produce help the animals here with an enriched diet.

We also strive to help others by giving away free vegan meals to those in need. Next Sunday June 23 we will be in downtown Denver handing out meals. If you have recipe ideas, clothing or personal care donations; or just want to help; please message us.

You can also support our efforts through Amazon and eBay. Choose us on Amazon Smile when making purchases. When selling on eBay you can choose us as a recipient of a portion of your auction sales.

Thanks to @XpathlesschosenX for their recent donation.

Also stay up to date on @XVXdanXVX ’s progress as he prepares to run a marathon to support Dark Mountain. #vegan #govegan #veganstraightedge #fortheanimals #straightedge #sanctuary #ethicalvegan #veganstraightedgeover40 #ethics #rescue #adoptdontshop #cuteanimals

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