Meet Zipper. Last September Zipper and I took a long ride with 99 other birds, from Brooklyn, NY to Colorado. The drive included three stops for food, but otherwise was non-stop, no sleep.

Zipper and his 99 other friends would have been used for a ritual sacrifice if not rescued before the event was to take place.

The sacrifice would have included holding him by his legs and swinging him over someone’s head three times. Zipper could have been used repeatedly for up to three days. When not being held by the legs and spun around someone’s head he would have sat in a crate with 10 to 14 other friends with no food, no water, and no protection from the elements. This crate full of lives would have sat on the asphalt next to the curb on a Brooklyn street. All Brooklyn streets are noisy and dirty all the time.

If Zipper and his friends had been used for the ritual, they would have been forced into a traffic cone, head towards the ground and their throats slit. Their blood would flow into the streets with no concern of cleanliness, much less sanity.

All of this sounds horrible, but long before Zipper was born his life was destined for a terrible fate. Sometime in the 1950’s humans decided they needed more, faster, and greater profit. This greed led to Zipper’s ancestors being genetically modified and experimented on until humans created an animal that grew so large, so quick; that his or her legs could not support their body weight. This rapid growth also caused heart failure from having to pump blood to such a large body with such a fast growth rate. Additionally the weight of the bird could also compress the heart till it just stops.

This is called progress in our society. Profit based on a life. No regard for the life they take, not the environment destroyed for profit.

The farms in which Zipper and his friends came from are not the factory farms so many talk about, but small family owned farms, there is most likely one within 100 miles of you.

Zipper was lucky. Zipper got to live most of his life free from the sounds and horrors of exploitation. Zipper lived happily @roostersanctuary.

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