BSL Does Not Work


Denver, Colorado; weed is legal, hallucinogenic mushrooms are legal, one rooster per household is legal, pitbull type dogs are illegal. All that and Colorado has a first gentleman who claims to be vegan. Throughout the country breed specific legislation has proven to be ineffective. In fact #BSL has proven to enforce the outlaw image which many dog fighters want.

Still to this day those who are investigated, prosecuted, and occasionally convicted of bloodsports are people of color. Meanwhile the dominant population fighting animals is middle to upper middle class whites.

We are in the beginning stages of creating an organization to educate the public and law enforcement about bloodsports. Investigations, prosecution and education about bloodsports and the people who participate has too little focus and needs more attention from media and law enforcement.

Please follow our new organization on facebook @alliancecombatinganimalbloodsports Instagram has yet to let us create a profile no matter how short we make the name!

#vegan #govegan #animalliberation #liberation #hle #humane #bslisbs #denver #colorado #denvercolorado #fortheanimals #sanctuary #rescue #adoptdontshop

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