The current classes I am taking have me looking back at instances where children expressed empathy or compassion towards animals.

A group of us had spent hours trying to catch this one cat. Finally the cat went into the courtyard of this boys home. The mother allowed us to come in and place traps in the courtyard. Later that day we came back to find the cat had not attempted to go near the traps.

After explaining to the boy that we were trying to help the cat and all the animals in the area he began to coax the cat with food. It only took the boy a matter of minutes to catch a cat we had been trying to catch for hours.

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I don’t know why, but I occasionally ask myself, “was it worth it?” The answer is always the same, “of course”. Then I do the math; arrested at approximately 8pm, released approximately 1am…. add in the anxiety, attorney fees, stress, time on the phone… the answer is still the same. It was worth it. I see them fly free and I don’t ask questions, I no longer try to do the math… It was worth it.

So are our lives less because we saved what others consider a pest?

As humans we judge and place value on too many things. We create waste all around us, then complain when a “pest” resides too close to us. We destroy habitats, then round up the wildlife who adapt to live with us. Control, an ugly word based on ego.

I keep watching the windows, because “control” is coming for me. I jump when I see them on the streets, because “control” wants to contain me.

We have not only destroyed the land that sustains us, but we’ve destroyed the ethics that should guide us.

It is a proven fact that cruelty to non-human animals leads to cruelty to humans. It has been seen over and over again. School shootings, domestic violence; the perpetrators always have a record of abuse towards animals. It does not matter if the animal is a rat, mouse, frog, cat or dog; the abuse towards those animals leads to the abuse to human animals.

These are the reasons our society creates a hyphenated term such as non-human animals. As if we are not animals ourselves.

Think to yourself who this may be in regards to in 1934, or 1787… That control still exists. The egos, the greed, the wealth of those who had power then, is still in power today.

Michael Franti said it best;

But dehumanizing the victim makes things simpler

It’s like breathing with a respirator

It eases the conscience of even the most conscious

and calculating violator

Words can reduce a person to an object,

something more easy to hate

An inanimate entity, completely disposable,

no problem to obliterate

If you would like to help with our legal fees please share our story, donate, volunteer. It’s with your support that we can continue to help so many. We are an all volunteer 501c3, no salaries, no publicists, just dedication to helping others.

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Another World

#throwbackthursday to being a vet tech and managing a clinic in Santa Cruz. Dr. Jose and I worked alone most of my time there. We would have five tables operating in cycles to get spay and neuters complete. A place which has only seen human habitation in this decade is being destroyed at a rapid pace.

The best thing we can do for our planet is to learn to care. Not just compassion, but learn medical trining to care for the animals both human and non.

The first step to starting a sanctuary shouldn’t be rescuing an animal, but learning to care for animals.

The first step in caring for our wildlife shouldn’t be community protests, but educating communities as to how we can cohabitate.

If you would like to assist with our growing legal fees, please share our story, donate, volunteer. We are an all volunteer 501c3 depending on our own income and those who believe in what we do.

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What’s a #womancrushwednesday without revolution? Assata is named after Assata Shakur. Assata was the smallest and weakest of the cows we rescued. She was not expected to survive and would have been used for dog food. We took her anyway. She has thrived and managed to fight off 5 bigger brothers each time we feed.

Consider sharing our story, donating, volunteering.

Thanks to everyone who has donated towards our legal fees. We are still a couple of thousand away from covering what our attorney requires before we go to court.

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Be Healthy


Eat your greens, lift heavy things. If you would like to help with our legal fees please share our story, donate, volunteer… We are a 501c3 all volunteer run sanctuary that depends on our income as well as the support of those who believe in us and what we do.

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Goose Watch World Wide

August 2010 I was arrested during a protest against the culling of geese in NYC. I did not do what I did just for the sake of the geese but for the sake of all of us.

Killing birds while they are flightless is cruel, hunters don’t even commit such crimes against nature.

Wasting tax payers dollars for a useless operation is a crime.

Kendra Cross promotes these cullings under the guise of feeding the homeless, human and environmental health.

The truth is the geese do not go to soup kitchens. These geese are considered toxic to human health.

The truth is the geese; the feces they and other wildlife generate have proven to have no affect on human health.

When it comes to airstrikes and flight safety there is no proof that the culling works.

Fact; 9014 airstrikes in Colorado since 1990, only 32 were Canada Geese.

Other airports use avian radar and sound cannons to prevent airstrikes. Kendra Cross claims those are only effective measures at airports smaller than those she is culling geese at.

Truth is Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport is the world’s busiest airport and they have never had to cull geese.

So why doesn’t Kendra Cross go to Atlanta to promote her culling? Maybe it’s due to the fact that The Center for Disease Control is headquartered there and can debunk her feeding to the homeless, zoonoses theories.

Side note; I was to speak tomorrow in regards to how to deal with cops while protesting. The organizers have now asked me to not speak due to being arrested.

Don’t fall prey to political agendas, that only soften the cullings rather than proving they do not need to exist.

If you would like to help with our legal fees, please share, donate, and spread the word.

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Two Years, 200 More…


Two years ago this date I married my equal in more ways than I can count. My heroes are few in this world, because at some point everyone falters to some vice or hypocrisy. Yet when I see these in her, I don’t qualm, I accept.

Less than 48 hours have passed since the two of us sat in a holding cell together. Quotes of Groucho Marx and Henry David Thoreau come to mind as I think of her sitting beside me on the stainless steel bench. But their quotes resonate with being alone and wanting that person standing for justice to be next to them.

I also think of all the #MayDay events that led to me cuffed to a bench with nearly 100 others like me; who want to see a difference.

We have a moral obligation not to just go against an unjust system, but a moral obligation to uphold our own beliefs.

When your hero commits a crime for the animals, they do not want your letters, your donations, your support as much as they want you beside them.

Together we are stronger than the corruption. Together we can overthrow the unjust patriarchal oligarchy. Together the drama ceases to exist.

Just the two of us together have done more than most corporate sanctuaries.

Over 1,100 animals rescued

Over 300 people fed free, organic, vegan meals

Over 500 animals in our daily care

That’s just 2019 and we don’t plan to stop.

Here’s to 2 years behind us and 200 more to go. I love you @roostersanctuary

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